TENNIFER Liquid Milk UV50+ (Sunscreen Emulsion)

AED 99.75 AED 93.45

Flexible UV shield adoption, high SPF values ​.

UV blocking layer comfortably A and B wave also powerful block rich in flexibility.
Good growth in light feel.
You can enjoy the summer of leisure that ultraviolet light is particularly care!

Familiar to the skin well, blending high moisturizing effect cosmetic ingredients.

Strong waterproof type to sweat and water.

Light growth is well in feel, will not make your skin look white.

sunscreen emulsion for face and body
SPF50 +, PA +++

Capacity: 45mL
Moisturizing ingredients: chamomile flower extract


  • Description


    Moisturizing 8 kinds of amino acids complex formulated to model the amino acid organization that are included in your skin, well-balanced and blended 8 kinds of amino acids. Skin familiar well, wet high coercive. I will protect your skin from being dry and irritation day.

    Moisturizing chamomile flower extract blended and natural moisturizing ingredients give a clear sense of your skin.

    Dedicated cleansing unnecessary waterproof sweat-strong waterproof to water.

    You can use it as a makeup base. 

    Flexible UV shield structure.