Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder

AED 185.00

Kevyn Aucoin

Sculpting Powder is designed to enhance, contour & sculpt your face without looking 'grubby'.

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If you long for razor sharp cheekbones but yours are a bit on the blunt side, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder is all you need to fake a Kate Moss worthy pair. With a unique combination of pigments, this matte powder creates the illusion of shadows without looking chalky or orange (!). When alive Kevyn Aucoin strove to enhance natural beauty without layers of product – an approach which is evidenced by the silky textures, skin-friendly ingredients & neutral colours of his much loved make-up range.

Sculpting Powder is designed to enhance, contour & sculpt your face without looking ‘grubby’. The matte, neutral tone is just right for accentuating natural shadows and there’s no shimmer so the shading looks believable. The finely-milled texture is great for undetectable application every time and it’s almost impossible to overdo it (one of the main struggles when it comes to contouring), making this ideal for defining cheek bones, jaw bones or anywhere you feel needs streamlining.


  • A unique powder that adds a subtle shadow to wherever it’s applied
  • Use the contour or sculpting brush to lightly dust along the hollows of the cheek, under the chin and neck or under the tip of the nose


  • Stronger cheekbones or a slimmed face are a brush away
  • Unique combination of brown, red and grey pigments create the perfect shadow for all skin types
  • Sheer formula glides on effortlessly
  • Pair it with The Celestial Powder


ALWAYS apply this with good lighting, natural light if you can.

Apply lightly with sponge, wherever natural shadows would form – cheekbones, jaw bone and nose (screw up your eyes so your vision is slightly out of focus when looking in the mirror and this will help you see the shadows better). Use a complementary highlighter where light would fall to intensify the contouring effect.


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