RCMA 5 Part Series Favorites Palette

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What could possibly be better than having the RCMA Makeup VK Foundation Palette or the RCMA Full Size Economy Palette? Having 5 of your absolute most essential RCMA shades packed into a truly portable 5 compartment palette! CRC is proud to bring you the RCMA Five Part Series Favorite Palettes – five palettes with only the most popular and highly demanded shades from RCMA in a slim acrylic hard casing that’s the size of a candy bar. These little guys will do wonders for saving room in your kit or having a foundation, highlight and contour color scheme all in one to make your work seem less like work and more like awesomeness. The geniuses at RCMA didn’t stop there – they threw in a delectable creme blush palette to top off this brilliant series.

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Haven’t tried RCMA Foundation/Concealer yet? Read on to learn about why you should!

The last thing Vincent Kehoe of the Research Council of Makeup Artists wanted to do was create more of the same in the world of foundations. It was this desire that revolutionized the world of makeup as we know it, spawning the now-legendary RCMA Foundation. Considered the top choice of professionals everywhere, RCMA Foundation is a staple in many an artist’s kit. A professional, highly pigmented, blendable cream base that is formulated without perfume, mineral oil or lanolin, RCMA Foundation is ideal for photography, film and anywhere high-definition quality is needed with a finish that feels light enough for every day wear as well.

“I carry RCMA professional makeup palettes in my kit. This is a great foundation for print, TV, film and bridal. I am never caught without the right color when I have these!” –Mary Erickson

What makes RCMA so different?

Manufactured under stringent conditions in small batches
Each ingredient is weighed out to the gram to maintain exact color standards and consistency
Made with a 50% pigment ratio to waxes and oils for high coverage with little product*
Contains only vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colors
No perfumes or lanolin (allergens)
No petrolatum or mineral oils (produce excess surface oil)**
Applies like a second skin, rather than a heavy coat of foundation
Long lasting coverage with little-to-no touch-up
No caking or separating, and RCMA No-Color Powder perfectly mattifies any trace of shine
Low halation means no powdering is required on dry skin types, especially for men

*Versus commercial liquid foundations ratio (18-23% pigment to liquid) and theatrical foundations (30-35% pigment to waxes and oils)
**Most theatrical foundations contain mineral oil or petrolatum as major ingredients

Shades Included in Each Palette:

Dark SHINTO Series:
Shades: SH-4, SH-5, SH-6, SH-7, SH-8

KA Series: 4 NEW shades that are very pale with a slight yellow undertone – for very pale to fair skin tones
Shades: KA-1, KA-2, KA-3, KA-4, KO-2

KO Series: 5 of RCMA’s best colors in the KO Series – for fair to light-medium
Shades: KO-1, KO-2, KO-3, KO-4, KO-7

SHINTO Series: 5 of RCMA’s best colors in the Shinto Series – for light to medium-dark
Shades: SH-1, SH-2, SH-3, SH-4, SH-5

OLIVE Series: 5 of RCMA’s best colors in the Olive Series – for light to medium tones
Shades: Gena Beige, OL-2, OL-3, Tantone, OL-4

Size: 0.5oz. / 14gm. 5 Pans at 0.125oz / 3.5gm. each.

Dimension: 5 x 1.5 x .3 in


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5 Part Series Favorites Palette

KA Series, KO Series, Olive Series, SHINTO Series


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