OCTARD EX Jelly-like Beauty Essence

AED 260.00

MEIKO Cosmetics

Apply this jelly-like beauty essence after cleansing.
A melt on face soft jelly-like beauty essence that adapts quickly to skin, provides a firm, fine and soft skin.


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Bees grace
the royal jelly extract and enzymatic degradation to the amino acid level, I was further enhanced moisturizing performance. Further addition of natural skin component honey, including 190 species also of nutrients, to moist shiny skin.


Flowers of grace
flowers of the field which bees collect nectar. Mind naturally derived extract extracted from the flowers nor I will joy skin.


Three of ceramide (ceramide 1,3,6Ⅱ)
to supply to your skin the ceramide reduced by stress and aging. And established a barrier function, to soft skin moisture persists.


W water retention component of (hyaluronic acid Na, Lipidure ® <polyquaternium -51>)
blending the two Otaka water retention component. I will deliver moisture to your skin.


Jelly shape memory type
is a unique jelly Back to the original immediately even collapse.
Until the end, though clean surface as new. At any time you can use in a fresh mood.


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