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Get great lip definition with our lipliner pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, you will have the variety you desire all year round.

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    Lip definition becomes easier and more exciting with our new and improved pencils. With the most extensive color selection available, your customers will have the variety they desire, all year round.

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    Additional information


    gp501-spice, gp502-cherry, gp505-nutmeg, gp506-forever-red, gp510-burgundy, gp511-smooth-plum, gp512-natural, gp513-sexy-red, gp514-perfect-brown, gp515-deepest-purple, gp516-dark-peach, gp521-deepest-brown, gp528-chocolate, gp529-eggplant, gp531-cappuccino, gp532-hazelnut, gp533-party-pink, gp535-dark-purple, gp537-cabaret, gp538-natural-creme, gp539-brick, gp540-terra-cotta, gp541-plum, gp548-pecan, gp549-mauve, gp554-forever, gp555-rose, gp558-mocha, gp559-toast, GP501 Spice, GP502 Cherry, GP505 Nutmeg, GP506 Forever Red, GP510 Burgundy, GP511 Smooth Plum, GP512 Natural, GP513 Sexy Red, GP514 Perfect Brown, GP515 Deepest Purple, GP516 Dark Peach, GP521 Deepest Brown, GP528 Chocolate, GP529 Eggplant, GP531 Cappuccino, GP532 Hazelnut, GP533 Party Pink, GP535 Dark Purple, GP537 Cabaret, GP538 Natural Creme, GP539 Brick, GP540 Terra Cotta, GP541 Plum, GP548 Pecan, GP549 Mauve, GP554 Forever, GP555 Rose, GP558 Mocha, GP559 Toast