LA GIRL COSMETICS Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil

AED 60.00

L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner is a coveted eyeliner that combines the texture of a gel with the application of a liquid and the form of a pencil.

Infusing the best of all eyeliner approaches, Glide Gel Liner applies lusciously to the lash line, imparting high-opacity coverage that is guaranteed to make a statement. Available in a selection of trend-setting hues, Glide Gel Liner allows for full creative control, whilst boasting a fabulously Cruelty-free formula.

Add definition to the eyes with ease thanks to Glide Gel Liner.

Tip: Try layering different shades of Glide Gel Liner over each other for a truly dimensional finish.

Shades Available:

  • CTGP351 Very Black – Jet black.
  • CTGP352 Black Magic – Raven black shimmer.
  • CTGP353 Smoky Charcoal – Medium grey.
  • CTGP354 Dark Brown – Deep chocolate.
  • CTGP355 Deep Bronze – Rich coffee.
  • CTGP356 Brown – Milk chocolate.
  • CTGP357 Frosted Taupe – Cool-toned nude.
  • CTGP358 Metallic Copper – Terracotta.
  • CTGP359 Champagne – Frosted egg shell white.
  • CTGP360 Goldmine – True gold.
  • CTGP361 Limelight – Vibrant green.
  • CTGP362 Gypsy Teal – Dark azure.
  • CTGP363 Royal Blue – Rich indigo.
  • CTGP364 Mermaid Blue – Bold blue.
  • CTGP365 Aquatic – Pale blue.
  • CTGP366 Paradise Purple – Regal purple.
  • CTGP367 Black Amethyst – Black-tinged blue shimmer.
  • CTGP368 Silver Streak – Grey-toned silver.
  • CTGP369 Whiten – Pure snow white.


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Makeup wearers no longer have to choose between the ease of application in an eye pencil and the smooth feel of liquid eyeliner. The new Glide liner has the soft and gliding feel of liquid that comes in a pencil that can be sharpened. Available in 19 highly pigmented colors, this product is designed for makup enthusiasts and trendsetters who are looking for the best products on the market as a reasonable price.


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