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Face Atelier

Ultra Foundation, the heart and soul of FACE atelier and the star of the line, is an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. It’s a highly pigmented, long-lasting innovative foundation that provides buildable coverage with a natural satin finish. Silicone-based Ultra Foundation is sheer enough for younger women, yet can meet the needs of anyone that requires more coverage. It’s an out-standing performer on mature, troubled or sensitive skin. Due to its unique blend of silicones in the formulation, Ultra Foundation forms a delicate, lightweight and flexible second skin with a natural breathing ability. 

No primer needed!  It’s built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula.  Another bonus – it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish and has soft-focus properties that diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Porcelain: Cool-Light Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Ivory: Warm-Light Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Wheat: Cool-Light Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Sand: Warm-Medium Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Sepia: Cool-Medium Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Honey: Warm-Light/Medium Olive Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Tan: Warm-Medium/Dark Olive Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Caramel: Warm-Dark Olive Complexion-Yellow Undertone
  • Toffee: Women of Color-Red/Brown Undertones
  • Cocoa: Women of Color-Light Caramel-Yellow/Green Undertones
  • Mink: Women of Color-Dark Caramel-Yellow/Red Undertones
  • Sable: Women of Color-Rich Brown-Yellow/Green Undertones
  • Zero Minus: Adjuster-White-Lighten
  • Zero Plus: Adjuster-Women of Color-Complex Brown-Contour-Yellow/Red Undertones
  • Zero Plus Plus: Adjuster-Black Brown-Blue/Black Undertones
  • Heat: Adjuster-Mango Red-Warm Shades-Orange/Red Undertones


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Face Atelier Ultra Foundation creates a lightweight, but highly pigmented coverage that diminishes the appearance of fine lines for a smoother more uniform looking skin texture. It is recommended by a wealth of top make up artists, especially ones who have to work with the demands of HD film. The breathable formula also has such great staying power that it was the official brand for Madonna’s Confession’s Tour and Madge doesn’t mess around when it comes to make up.

The Ultra Foundation, This base is an underground, pro favourite that, thanks to a unique blend of silicones, builds a lightweight, breathable second skin effectively airbrushing your complexion. Its soft focus properties create an optical blurring that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and creates a more polished skin texture. It comes in 10 water resistant shades that really don’t shift. You can also buy a 0+ and a 0- shade in order to fine tune the foundation to your complexion.

  • How to use

Shake the bottle well before using. With a foundation brush or moist make up sponge, apply sparingly to clean, moisturised skin. Start with your t-zone which is usually the problem area and spread outwards. Take only the tiniest amount to your jawline and make sure it is blended properly down onto your neck. Ultra Foundation sets without powdering, builds well and has a built-in primer, once it has set it is there for the day. Use an oil based cleanser for easiest removal.

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Ultra Foundation

#1 Porcelain, #2 Ivory, #3 Wheat, #4 Sand, #5 Sepia, #6 Honey, #7 Tan, #8 Caramel, #9 Toffee, #10 Cocoa, #11 Mink, #12 Sable, Zero Minus, Zero Plus, Zero Plus Plus, Heat, Blaze


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