VERA MONA Color Switch

AED 160.00

Vera Mona

The story behind the invention of Color Switch® came from the frustration of using multiple brushes when applying eye shadow. This product allows you to instantly clean your favorite brushes and “switch” from shade to shade, and from product to product.

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Less is more!  Less brushes and liquid cleansers in your kit, plus faster switching between pressed colors – this is what spurned makeup artist Letty Cabrera-Calvo to come up with the Vera Mona Color Switch. The Color Switch is a ridiculously lightweight tin can with a sponge inside that effectively dusts off even the darkest and brightest powder colors from your brush, allowing you to switch between mattes and shimmers for the same look without having to whip out your brush spray.  You need only swish the brush around on the sponge and switch to a new color!  Small and compact, the Vera Mona Color Switch fits neatly inside your kit in lieu of large, heavy bottles of brush cleanser and/or the added weight of extra brushes.  Save time and money with Color Switch!  Washable and refillable.


COLOR SWITCH DUO  (includes sponge for wet to dry makeup)

Stroke your brush against the Duo sponge to completely remove eye shadow color to then switch to the next color. The Duo also has a sponge in the center that can be soaked with water or a fixing agent to then dampen a brush for wet makeup application.



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