Art Harding Face/Neck Lift Kit

Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift – REFILLABLE Tapes

The Refill Tapes Package contains 10 sets of perforated Tapes. Each tape is good for one application. Tapes are clear, so they will work with either the Light or Dark Instant Face Lift.

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The Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift comes in a choice of Light or Dark (which corresponds to the user’s hair color). The devices arrive ready for application out of the package with a set of tapes already attached. Additionally, each kit contains a set of 20 extra tapes. Each perforated tape is good for one application.

  • LIGHT (White to dark blonde hair)
  • DARK (Brunette to black hair hair)

Application is easy, Surgical grade adhesive tabs are connected to elastic cords (color matched to your hair but hidden once complete.) Simply place the tabs to the target points on either side of the face and lift, bringing the elastic clasps together and instantaneously cheekbones are redefined, jowls disappear and skin is firmer.



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